X-Men (2000) Xavier Wheelchair Concept Artwork


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Original piece of concept art used by the production of the hit 2000 Marvel superhero film X-Men. They are children of the atom, homo superior, the next link in the chain of evolution. Each was born with a unique genetic mutation, which at puberty manifested itself in extraordinary powers. In a world filled with hate and prejudice, they are feared by those who cannot accept their differences. Led by Xavier the X-Men fight to protect a world that fears them. They are locked in a battle with former colleague and friend, Magneto who believes humans and mutants should never co-exist.

This original concept artwork features an early design for the signature wheelchair used by the leader of the X- Men Charles Xavier. This early concept features a wooden style chair with two back wheels and black armrest. This piece is ink-jet printed in full color and features the caption “Zavier’s Wheelchair” and is dated 05/31/99. This piece measures 8.5” x 11” and remains in excellent, production used condition. 

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