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Stargate SG-1 Ancient Communications Stone


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Original Ancient Communication Stone featured in the production of the doing running science fiction series Stargate SG-1. A team of explorers made up of soldiers and scientists travels through a Stargate, an ancient portal to other planets. They use the Stargate to explore new worlds, forge ties with friendly civilizations and protect Earth from hostile forces. The TV series is based on the theatrical film `Stargate’.

These stones were a way of communicating created by the Ancients, and would link the users physically, allowing them to see through each others eyes. Although featured in SG1, these stones also played a critical role in Stargate Universe. This piece is made of cast resin in an oval shape, with a rounded top and smooth flat bottom. The stone has seen painted a metallic purple and features various cast in details such as ancient lettering This piece remains in excellent, production used conduction. 

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