Star Trek: Enterprise T'Pol Orpheus Mining Jumpsuit w/ Boots


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Orpheus Mining colony jumpsuit worn by T’Pol, actress Jolene Blalock in three episodes of the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise, most noticeably in the episode “Terra Prime”. While infiltrating a terrorist organization set on destroying Starfleet unless the alien’s on Earth leave, T’Pol and Trip can be seen wearing these jumpsuits throughout the episode. Made from a heavy waxed canvas material this jumpsuit is green in color and features a mesh backing with lace up sleeves and pant legs. The shoulders are padded and a embroidered “Orpheus Mining” patch is present on the left breast. This item includes a dark green belt that features aged gold rivets and a pair of black rubber boots, all which were worn by actress Jolene Blalock during the filming of the episode. This item remains in excellent, production used condition.

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