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Handheld computer system featured in the SyFy original series Ascension. A secret government program in the 1960’s focuses around a generational space ship heading to a nearby star, but it’s mission is halted when a murder takes place on the ship. These vintage style handheld computers can be seen being used aboard the USS Ascension. This piece features a plastic body that has been altered by the production, with a metal mesh backing and applied keyboard on the top. This piece features a rectangular illuminating screen with four LED lights and switches. When the first switch is flipped one LED light illuminates, and the second switch activates two more. The third switch activates the illuminating screen and the fourth switch the last LED light. This piece also features a memory module that when plugged into the device has a working LED bar graph on the top and single green LED on the side. This piece is powered by two 9 volt batteries and remains in excellent working condition.

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Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in


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